How would you feel if...

You were able to massively increase the exposure of your business or brand in just a few hours per week?

You were able to attract a targeted audience that loves your content, visits your website, and signs up for your email list?

You were able to double or even triple the amount of paying customers you have now?


You saw this immediately after uploading a photo to Instagram:

Well, let me be the first to tell you that YOU CAN.

You can achieve all of these things by simply growing your audience on Instagram.

I was once in your shoes..

I used to be confined to an office chair for 8 hours a day.

I spent sleepless nights thinking of ways I could make money without being employed by someone else.

I wanted to work for myself, I wanted to be able to pay my bills, buy nice things, and have extra money to travel.

But I couldn’t have been further away from that reality.

I was living paycheque to paycheque, barely making ends meet, and turning down nights out with my friends because I simply couldn't afford it.

I was feeling.. how can I put this..

Like shit, unhappy, miserable.

Ya that pretty much sums it up.

I knew I needed a change..

I asked for vacation time at work so I could travel across the world and my boss wouldn't give it to me.

Wait a second ...

You're saying I can't go experience something new and potentially life changing
because you want me to stay here and work for you?

Nope. That didn't work for me. I wasn't going to let anyone control me, or my future any longer. So I quit.

I began my journey to self-made financial freedom by selling my graphic design services as a freelancer. I knew social media was the key to my success so I started exploring my options, trying to find the right platform that would generate the most sales.

Here's what I found:

>> Facebook was practically useless unless you had a budget for advertising (hello, I was eating mac & cheese for dinner, I had NO budget!)

>> Twitter was a ghost town. Tweets and DM's were obviously automated and it never felt like I was interacting with someone real.

>> Pinterest was fun to say the least, but without a large following or access to the right boards, generating any business was tough.

Then came Instagram: My knight in shining armour.

I quickly fell in love..

The functionality, the imagery, the networking possibilities..

My graphic design sales started to increase and I was confidently booking clients from all over the world!

When I wasn't working on finding new clients I was browsing through Instagram and noticed a ton of people having crazy success promoting their blogs and creating niche accounts about recipes, workouts and cute home decor.

I was intrigued and decided it was time to open another Instagram account, and that is when..

@menandcoffee was born

I quickly learned what worked and what didn’t. I understood the importance of hashtags and competitor research, and as a result, my account fast-tracked to:

10,000 followers in just 3 months!

@menandcoffee was growing by over 200 followers per day, my website was generating 4,000 views per month, and I was offered so many collaboration deals my income exceeded the money I was making working full time!

In just a few hours a week..

I was able to grow my Instagram account from 0 to 350,000 followers.

AHEM, let me rephrase that..

I grew my Instagram account to over a QUARTER MILLION FOLLOWERS
in less than 12 months! Crazy right?

Not only did I grow a massive community of targeted and engaged followers, I also expanded my email list to over 8,500 subscribers and secured a monthly income of at least $5,000 per month (sometimes surpassing $10k!)

On top of that, my life has changed drastically for the better..

So far Instagram has allowed me to:

>> Quit my job and spend more time with my family and friends

>> Travel to amazing places like Nepal, Bali, and South Africa while still generating income

>> Participate in interviews that were published on Business Insider, Time, and Cosmopolitan Magazine

>> Receive free product from major brands, attend their high-end events and,

>> Literally live the life I have always dreamt of

And here's the best part..

You are fully capable of having this too!

No matter if you're a blogger, a life coach, a real estate agent, an etsy seller or something in between, Instagram CAN work for you!

Here's the thing: while @menandcoffee is my largest account to date, it's not the only account I've had success with. I've helped grow accounts focused on marketing and social media, physical product sales, soccer training services, yoga retreats, motorcycle repair services and so many more!

And guess what?

They're all thriving because I have a formula that works and it's called: Infamous to Influential.

INFAMOUS TO INFLUENTIAL is an Instagram course that teaches you step by step how to:

>> Determine and define your target audience (this is massively important to your success)

>> Utilize Instagram's built in features to actively attract your target audience to your feed

>> Rapidly increase your follower count (with real and engaged users)

>> Sky-rocket the amount of likes and comments you receive on a daily basis

>> Massively increase the amount of clicks you receive on the link in your bio

>> Encourage a local audience to visit your physical store front, and

>> Effortlessly cultivate a community of loyal fans who are ready and willing to purchase your products and services!

 This is a no fluff, no BS training program.

Watch over my shoulder as I walk you through the EXACT methods I used to create multiple Instagram accounts that literally transformed my life from broke and miserable, to flush, free and beyond happy.

So what are you waiting for?


Ready to take your Instagram account to the next level?

Here's what's included in Infamous to Influential:


Determine Your Demographic and Uncover Your Hidden Fan Base

This module includes:

>> Four Page Determine Your Demo Workbook

>> Make It or Break it - the no nonsense guide to understanding the importance of knowing your demographic

>> Quiz Essentials - thought provoking questions that provide demographic clarity

>> Uncovering the difference between psychographics and demographics and why you need both for success


Locate Your Ideal Followers on Instagram and Track Them Like a Hawk

This module includes:

>> Step-by-Step Training Video & Cliff Notes PDF

>> Locate Your Ideal Followers Workbook

>> The Hit-List Strategy - 3 part research method that sets up your Instagram account for expontential growth

>> How to use Instagram's built in features to spy on your competition and uncover more targeted followers

>> My quick and easy system to attract targeted followers using a highly underrated internal feature


Actively Gain More Followers on Instagram and Watch Your Influence Soar

This module includes:

>> Step-by-Step Training Video & Cliff Notes PDF

>>  Actively Increase Your Followers Workbook

>>  5 Steps to Influence - a guided walk-through to more visibility and followers

>> The '3 & 1' and '2 & 1' formulas for building legitimate trust and relationships with your audience

>> Rapid fire techniques to increase productivity and fast-track your results

>> Myth busting lesson on the widely talked about "follow-back" method


Gain Followers While You're Asleep and Confidently Hit The Snooze Button

This module includes:

>> Step-by-Step Training Video & Cliff Notes PDF

>> Gain Followers Passively Workbook

>> The Authority Trifecta - 3 proven methods that will generate new followers, even while you're sleeping

>> Uncovering the hashtag 'sweet spot' that will give your account the most possible exposure

>> The Silent Killer - discover the most important element your account might be missing 

>> The most overlooked concept that will provide you a steady stream of followers and sustained engagement


Rinse, Repeat and Maintain - The Fresh Lead Cycle

This module includes:

>> Step-by-Step Training Video & Cliff Notes PDF

>> Two powerful hacks that will increase productivity and save you time

>> Account Maintenance - clean up your account and increase your precieved credibility

>> How to maximize your results without being penalized by Instagram

>> How to attract fresh leads, new customers and experience long-term account growth

Total Investment


Infamous to Influential includes:

>> Exclusive access to the Infamous to Influential course website

>> 5  Detailed Workbooks 

>> 4 Step-by-step Training Videos

>> 4 Cliff Note Cheat Sheets

>> Access to the VIP Infamous to Influential Support Group

>> Guaranteed Tech & Program Support from Alex

>> Lifetime Access to Updates & Program Additions

>> Special Bonuses (added intermittently)

Upon completion of the course you will be able to:

>> Increase brand visibility by at least 50%

>> Quadruple your current engagement rate

>> Gain up to 700 new laser targeted followers per week

>> Cultivate your first, 5th and 15th sale via Instagram

>> Increase foot and web traffic by at least 30%


But wait, there's more!

If you sign up today you will receive these amazing bonuses:


Private Facebook Support Group

>> Exclusive access for PAID members only

>> One-on-one support and advice from Alex Tooby

>> Around-the-clock tech support

>> Interact with the Infamous to Influential cohort

>> A safe place to celebrate your account growth wins

>> Confidently ask questions about the program and Instagram

>> Build relationships with like-minded individuals


Top 25 Instagram Questions Asked by Entrepreneurs, Answered by Alex Tooby

Inside this report are the answers to the following questions:

>> What are your thoughts on Instagress?

>> How can I convert followers into customers?

>> What is your favourite app to create images/graphics?

>> Is there a specific tool for conducting hashtag research?

>> What are the best times to post to Instagram?

>> Is posting quotes/inspirational pictures a good strategy?

>> Should I schedule my posts ahead of time?

>> Is there anyway to have more than one live link on IG?

>> How can I tell which hashtags will get the most visibility?

>> What's the best strategy for finding fresh content daily?

>> What's the best way to find influencers to partner with?

>> If I change my theme should I delete all my older posts?

>> What do you do if you aren't seeing any growth?

+ + many more!


Comprehensive Guide to Hosting Contest & Giveaways on Instagram

>> Why and how hosting contests and giveaways can dramatically boost business

>> Step-by-step formula for success

>> Learn how to choose a theme, prize, hashtag and a winner

>> Promote, promote, promote - all the best advice and strategies to get quality exposure

>> Key components that increase engagement and chances to go viral

>> The right way to measure and track your success


The Standout Brand Guide by Erika Sheffer

>> How to create original content that makes you memorable

>> Simple ways to get creative and discover your true brand

>> How to let your authentic personality shine online

>> Determine your "special sauce" that makes you memorable

>> The importance of visibility and how to get comfortable with it

>> How partnering with influencers can dramatically improve your brand presence

>> The one element that will make or break your brand's success

Together these bonuses are worth over $1,300, but are yours for FREE if you enroll today!


Meet your teacher..

Hey you! My name is Alex Tooby and I am SO excited you're here and showing interest in Infamous to Influential!

You've already proven yourself to be a go-getter who knows that one of the main ways to get ahead in business, and to improve the future of your career, is to invest in yourself. So, congrats!

I know that by using my tried and true methods you will be able to expand your reach, put your business in front of YOUR target audience, easily convert followers into customers, and be seen as an authority figure in your niche, just like me!

I get asked on a daily basis:

"Can I actually make money with Instagram?"

"Do I need to spend a ton of money on ad space to reach my audience?"

and of course, the most asked question of all:

"How can I can I gain more followers on Instagram?"

I know quality information about these topics is hard to come by so I figured I would take away the guess work and create a program that answered the top Instagram question everyone wants to know.

So stop wondering and sign up today. You can thank me later!

I know you're probably wondering..

What makes this program different from other Instagram courses on the market?

Great question my inquisitive entrepreneur!

1. It was created and taught by someone who has ACTUALLY experienced results

With the mass amount of emerging “coaches” these days it becomes very difficult to find people you can believe and trust. Experience should play a huge role when you're deciding on someone to invest in.

I have built numerous Instagram accounts from the ground up with the methods in Infamous to Influential. I have been able to quit my job, be featured in major publications like Cosmopolitan magazine, and cultivate thousands of paying clients, strictly from Instagram. So, you can be confident that the information I share in Infamous to Influential is tried and true.

2. It is NOT a basic, or beginner's program

Beginners CAN use Infamous to Influential but the program is much more advanced in nature. Most Instagram programs on the market address very beginner topics like how to create a profile, how to properly use the platform, how to upload pictures from your computer.. but Infamous to Influential directly addresses the root of your Instagram problems. Rather than simply providing information about the platform, I provide you a SOLUTION.

3. It's MUCH more affordable

There are plenty of Instagram programs with price tags exceeding $900, which can be a real big hit to the pocketbook. Trust me, I know. I shelled out a ton of money in market research to make sure I was creating a program with information no one has ever shared before.

I want to help as many people as possible experience the success myself and my clients have had, so I've priced Infamous to Influential at the bargain of $247. This price point makes the program accessible to the largest amount of people, and makes it a no brainer as a business investment.

4. It is NOT a generic "gain followers fast" program

If you have tried to research how to gain followers on Instagram you know that it's hard to find quality information. Most links lead you to spammy looking products with huge claims like: 10,000 followers in 10 minutes! This is just NOT possible, and their method to get these results is to purchase followers. Purchasing fake followers is the WORST thing you could do for your Instagram business. If you think no one will notice that you have 100,000 followers but only 200 likes on each picture, you are wrong. They will notice and any credibility you may have had, will be gone for good.

Infamous to Influential walks you through legitimate methods that are proven to cultivate REAL, ENGAGED, and TARGETED Instagram followers that are specific to your industry, niche, and business. But don't think follower growth won't be quick, because it will! You'll be surprised!

5. It offers GUARANTEED long term results

Infamous to Influential does not capitalize on loop-holes or schemes. It is built up of quality methods that work no matter what industry you are in. It does not matter if you are selling a physical product, a service, your blog, or just your personality. Infamous to Influential will give you the EXACT tools you need to take your account from 0 - 60 (or 60,000!) in just a matter of days and continue that growth for years to come.

Additional Infamous to Influential FAQ

Can I actually gain thousands of new followers with this program?

Do I need to have a business to utilize Infamous to Influential?

Can I actually sell my products and services on Instagram?

How can I access the content in Infamous to Influential?

How long will it take to complete the course?

How long will I have access to the course materials?

Do you have a refund policy?


This program is for you if..

>> You have a skill, service, product, brand, or idea the world needs to know about

>> You are struggling to see any follower growth

>> You hear crickets every time you upload a post

>> Your tired of looking like a nobody and are ready to be an authority in your niche

>> You have conducted research only to be left confused or unsatisfied

>> You are ready to invest in yourself and your business

>> You are willing to put in the effort to see the results

>> You are ready for some straight to the point answers about how to get results

>> You know there must be a better way to increase growth than buying fake followers

This program is not for you if..

>> You are not open to trying new, unconventional methods

>> You doubt that making money on Instagram can actually happen

>> You want instantaneous results without putting in any effort

>> You are convinced you've already "tried it all"

>> You think my success and my clients success is just a fluke

So let me ask you one more time..

Do you want your Instagram account to look like this?

Do you want to wake up to hundreds of new followers?

PayPal notifications? Email Subscribers?

Remember that I was once is your position. I was struggling to get exposure for my business, failing to convert clients, and let's not forget, eating mac and cheese for dinner (because I couldn't afford any better..)

Then I figured it out. I cracked the code. I realized exactly what I had to do in order to reach massive success on Instagram.

And now, I'm sharing that knowledge with you.

Don't wait, enroll in Infamous to Influential today before the doors close!


Have any questions about Infamous to Influential? Send me an email!

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